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9 Cork Street, London played host to our inaugural pre-collection launch event, showcasing a harmonious fusion of modern heritage and contemporary style.

Immersed within the distinguished confines of this gallery space, a metamorphosis unfolded to honor the essence of the Understated Era brand. Here, an exclusive invitation extended to discerning individuals allowed them to intimately connect with our products, concepts, and processes through immersive garment and fabrication installations.

Our material focus took center stage, showcasing our fabrics in dynamic use, unraveling their composition, and tracing their origin through the lens of sustainability and circularity. This unique exhibition provided a rare opportunity to delve into the intricate interplay of fashion, art, and conscientious craftsmanship.

Distinguished guests from fashion, business, art and design gathered in the elegant Mayfair space to celebrate the unveiling of Charlie March's latest venture into the world of fashion.